Charley Parker

I've been doing professional web site design since 1995. I'm perhaps best known as the creator of the award-winning online comic Argon Zark!, widely credited with being the first comic created specifically for the Web.

My techniques for digital art have been covered in eight books on computer graphics, web site design and digital cartooning, some of which are listed here.

I'm also the author of the print version of Argon Zark! as well as a book of Dinosaur Cartoons (for which there is a supporting website,

I'm the author of lines and colors, a popular blog devoted to drawing, painting, comics and illustration that receives over 4,000 visitors a day.

I studied art at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, The Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial and The Delaware Art Museum School, and I continue to study drawing and painting at The Philadelphia Sketch Club and The Plastic Club.

I teach classes in HTML5 Animation with Adobe Animate CC at the Delaware College of Art and Design.

In addition to being an illustrator and Flash animator, I'm a kidney transplant recipient. I was privileged to work on this web documentary on organ and tissue donation: The Gift of a Lifetime.

Go to Understanding Donation and click on "The Interactive Body" to see my part of the project, a series of interactive Flash animations on the organs and tissues that can be transplanted. You can also see my description of the project in my portfolio.