How I will work with you to create the ideal web site for your business

Initial Contact

We'll discuss your needs and my ability to answer them. If we both feel they're compatible I'll move on to the next step.

If I feel that my approach is not the best solution to your needs, I'll try to suggest alternatives and give you whatever advice I can about finding the appropriate solution.

Design Direction

I'll work with you to understand how you want your business to be represented, who your target market is and how best to organize and present your site content for maximum effectiveness.


Based on our discussion, I'll create a design proposal outlining my suggestions for the site plan. The proposal will include a structural outline and a time and cost projection.


If you accept the proposal, I will invoice for the initial half of the agreed on cost. I will ask you for the materials you need to supply for the site, such as logos, written copy, photographs, video files and any other content to be included. (I can help you create effective copy for your site.)

Initial Pages

From design images that you have approved, I will create the first two working pages for the site and place them on my development server for you to review.


Based on the target date we've established, I'll continue development of the site. I'll stay in touch with you at stages throughout the process, as often as you like, to show you progress and discuss details.

Final approval

I'll place the finished files on a development area of my server for you to review and approve.


On your approval of the final site, the site files will be uploaded to your server, the site will go "live" and I'll submit an invoice for the remaining amount outlined in the proposal.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you like, I can make myself available for periodic maintenance, updates and changes to your site. This can be provided on an ongoing or as-needed basis.

Client Editable Pages

If you prefer to make your own updates and changes, I can provide a dynamic, database driven website, giving you the ability to edit your pages through a simple administrative interface. This also provides all of the advantages of a content management system (CMS). I use either ExpressionEngine or WordPress as a content management system, depending on which I feel provides the best solution for your particular website.